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Steps To Find Your Bashert

The FindYourBashert shidduch process is created to make meeting your bashert as simple and efficient as possible.
FindYourBashert uses successful match technology, to help thousands of Jewish singles from different ages and locations to find their match. 

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The Personal Touch of a Shadchan

FindYourBashert shadchanim will get to know you, and together will create an individualized Shidduch Plan. Your shadchan will search and send you compaitible shidduch suggestions.  We provide an effective and quick way to Find Your Bashert, that is according to The Rebbe's Hashkafa.

The FindYourBashert team are here to provide guidance and support throughout the Shidduch process.  They are trained in sensitivity, respect & professionalism.


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FindYourBashert is in partnership with The Shidduch Group Network.  Together, the goal is to help Jewish singles to connect and find their bashert

In memory of Ovadia Salim Ben Daniel and Rivka Ruth Bat Simcha